Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Do-Gooders Do Good

This story came in yesterday and reveals the sad little lives of those who's primary goal in life is to push unwanted vaccines on innocent children. Vaccine News Daily reported that:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention honored Connecticut for having the largest increase in the nation for teen immunization rates for certain vaccinations during a national conference in Washington, D.C., on Monday.
I can just imagine the little do-gooders scurrying to the stage to collect their little collect gold stars from their CDC icons. No doubt a little pat on the head and a hearty, "well done," accompanied the distribution of the golden stickers.

Jewel Mullen, the public health commissioner of Connecticut, even crowed about how the agency was so very proud of itself.

But don't think the department's road to fame was easy. Jewel and her underlings, with the undying support of the CDC, vaccine propaganda sites such as Every Child but Two and a coalition of vaccine vested interests, had to scratch and claw to achieve their glorious success.

A combination of compulsion, propaganda and asinine vaccination events and celebrations - yes that's right, vaccine "celebrations" - are employed with great skill in Connecticut . Compulsion is an indispensable tool in the vaccinator's arsenal. In Connecticut, like in all states,the threat of force that looms ominously over mothers from the day they give birth is used with great alacrity by vaccine-obsessed pediatricians (a group working in partnership with public health crusaders) who warn parents of daycare, summer camp and school mandates in order to garner the compliance of the reluctant. 

To make outright force less necessary, and to make vaccines seem like something parents would actually want Jewel and her department provide parents with  free - I mean tax payer funded - propaganda material such as the "book" Shots For Tots—The Importance of Immunization For Your Child, which, "clearly explains why immunization is important for every child." And don't think those who can't read are free from these propaganda-laden "books". Connecticut offers Guard Your Child's Health -- With Shots! (the exclamation point driving home the absolute necessity of these life-saving vaccines) a "very basic text" replete with "engaging illustrations" that "make for an effective way to promote childhood immunizations to parents for whom reading is a challenge."

In addition to the distribution of these propagand materials the department puts on a number of bizarre vaccine "events," most of these seem to target vulnerable, lower-income populations. These include:

“Walk For Shots"
Department Heads from the City of Hartford and other child health organizations will walk from City Hall to Bushnell Park promoting childhood immunization. [Wow, getting to see your favorite public health official in person! Can you feel the electricity?]

A National Infant Immunization Week celebation where "Participants will receive gift bags filled with immunization brochures [Immunization brochures as a gift? Only from the mind of public health could such a concept emerge], parent-held immunization record booklets, and baby gift items." [Trinkets and other free stuff seems to be an indispensible tool when taking advantage of the less well to do]

"Mother's Day Social" 
A "fun event" that "will feature an immunization presentation, Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System bingo [Oh my, that does sound like fun], public health education for parents and preschoolers, giveaway bags [there's that free stuff again] , a raffle basket and refreshments.

Wow, what a lot of work. And what a big bureaucracy to carry out all that work. Makes me think this whole Machine is about a lot more than vaccines. Makes me think its about giving these vested interests a place to feel good about themselves, realize their delusions of grandeur, collect a paycheck and, maybe most importantly, expand their power over others.What's it make you think?

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  1. Excellent article. You raise some very good questions. I'm glad there are others out there who also question the desperate attempts by pharma and friends to push their known toxins on the MOST vulnerable members of society. Nah... On second thought, I'm sure it's ALL done of out of goodness and generosity with 100% pure intent! I'm also sure the billions of dollars earned annually are just mere "icing on the cake" for a job well done! ;)

    ~B. St. Marie