Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vaccine Epidemic's Louise Habakus Talks with Governor David Patterson

Good interview with Louise Habakus. Be patient it takes a few minutes to get going. Ex-NY governor David Paterson does the interview and surprisingly he seems amazingly sympathetic to Louise's position (says he didn't take H1N1 vaccine and seems quite open to the idea that vaccines could cause autism and other developmental delays) But then it's rather bizarre that he was "running" the state while they were conduction inquisitions regarding vaccine exemptions. Does this mean the public health Machine has more power than our elected officials?

At the end, the interview becomes surreal as Patterson asks how listeners can get the book so they can make own vaccination choices while apparently, after years in the Governor's Mansion, unaware that parents,  in his state don't have vaccination choices.

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  1. Just goes to show it really is a Machine operated by the vested interests and immune to the influence of the elected officials who are supposed to be working for our interests