Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to Everybunny!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ode to Vaccination

Vaccines are great,
About that there can be no debate

They’re really quite the miracle,
Observe the evidence, it’s empirical

Were we to grant the right to choose
It’s the herd immunity we’d lose.

Fail to vaccinate against an illness that’s contagious?
That kind of talk is just outrageous!

Absent vaccines, the chickenpox would rage
Disability and death would seize center stage.

So if you want your schoolin’
Get your vaxes, we ain’t foolin’

And when we call for freedom of choice
They tell us were too vocal with our voice

There’s got to be balance they say
To allow vaccines to save the day

Heck that needle won’t hurt all,
Here, just take a little Tylenol

And those parents who report 3 hours of cryin’
Surely they must be lyin’

Religious exemption, don’t even try
We’ll challenge your faith till you comply

So get used to it my friends
This is where your freedom Ends

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Religious Exemptions in New York

While researching the New York state religious exemption process for the piece on the Habakus / Patterson interview, I discover this little gem of a video on Youtube. It's funny, informative and sadly all too true

Vaccine Epidemic's Louise Habakus Talks with Governor David Patterson

Good interview with Louise Habakus. Be patient it takes a few minutes to get going. Ex-NY governor David Paterson does the interview and surprisingly he seems amazingly sympathetic to Louise's position (says he didn't take H1N1 vaccine and seems quite open to the idea that vaccines could cause autism and other developmental delays) But then it's rather bizarre that he was "running" the state while they were conduction inquisitions regarding vaccine exemptions. Does this mean the public health Machine has more power than our elected officials?

At the end, the interview becomes surreal as Patterson asks how listeners can get the book so they can make own vaccination choices while apparently, after years in the Governor's Mansion, unaware that parents,  in his state don't have vaccination choices.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vaccination Cult Attempting to Censor the National Vaccine Information Center

It's come to my attention that the the link on the site encouraging the censorship of the NVIC was incorrect ( There is no S at the end of outdoor. If you've sent an email I suggest you resend it to

A group of die-hard vaccine fanatics are currently massing their resources to shut down an ad being run on the CBS JumboTron on Times Square by the National Vaccine Information Center and Dr. Joseph Mercola. We must respond

The ad encourages parents to know their rights when it comes to vaccination. Any information contrary to the controlled message of the Machine is seen as a huge threat to the establishment. Therefore, vaccine pushers and their supporters are they’re getting all their little scientist and wanna be scientist friends involved in a campaign and petition to silence the NVIC and any other voices not towing the vaccine party line. We’ve got to fight back! Let CBS know that censorship is unacceptable and that parents have the right to hear the other side of the story when it comes to vaccination. Please contact CBS outdoors - the group in owning the JumboTron - and repost this and encourage your contacts to tell CBS outdoors that censorship at the behest of the vaccine vested interests is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Contact information below.

Vaccine fan boy and blogger "Orac" seems to be spearheading the campaign. Details here:

This is where we need to respond with emails

Finally this links to the vaccine cult's little censorship petition

Here's my response sent in an email to CBS:

Censorship campaign targeting CBS outdoors:

It's come to my attention that a number of internet groups with an unusual affection for vaccines are massing in an attempt to encourage your company to engage in a act of censorship by taking down an innocuous ad by the National Vaccine Information Center appearing on the CBS JumboTron on Times Square. The ad simply asks parents to learn about vaccines and become aware or their rights as it pertains to those medical treatments. The campaign represents an intolerance to any thought straying from the formulated message that no choices involving vaccination can be tolerated. I hope you'll see this fringe group of vaccine extremists for what they are and reject these absurd, unwarranted and anti-American attempts at censorship

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Do-Gooders Do Good

This story came in yesterday and reveals the sad little lives of those who's primary goal in life is to push unwanted vaccines on innocent children. Vaccine News Daily reported that:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention honored Connecticut for having the largest increase in the nation for teen immunization rates for certain vaccinations during a national conference in Washington, D.C., on Monday.
I can just imagine the little do-gooders scurrying to the stage to collect their little collect gold stars from their CDC icons. No doubt a little pat on the head and a hearty, "well done," accompanied the distribution of the golden stickers.

Jewel Mullen, the public health commissioner of Connecticut, even crowed about how the agency was so very proud of itself.

But don't think the department's road to fame was easy. Jewel and her underlings, with the undying support of the CDC, vaccine propaganda sites such as Every Child but Two and a coalition of vaccine vested interests, had to scratch and claw to achieve their glorious success.

A combination of compulsion, propaganda and asinine vaccination events and celebrations - yes that's right, vaccine "celebrations" - are employed with great skill in Connecticut . Compulsion is an indispensable tool in the vaccinator's arsenal. In Connecticut, like in all states,the threat of force that looms ominously over mothers from the day they give birth is used with great alacrity by vaccine-obsessed pediatricians (a group working in partnership with public health crusaders) who warn parents of daycare, summer camp and school mandates in order to garner the compliance of the reluctant. 

To make outright force less necessary, and to make vaccines seem like something parents would actually want Jewel and her department provide parents with  free - I mean tax payer funded - propaganda material such as the "book" Shots For Tots—The Importance of Immunization For Your Child, which, "clearly explains why immunization is important for every child." And don't think those who can't read are free from these propaganda-laden "books". Connecticut offers Guard Your Child's Health -- With Shots! (the exclamation point driving home the absolute necessity of these life-saving vaccines) a "very basic text" replete with "engaging illustrations" that "make for an effective way to promote childhood immunizations to parents for whom reading is a challenge."

In addition to the distribution of these propagand materials the department puts on a number of bizarre vaccine "events," most of these seem to target vulnerable, lower-income populations. These include:

“Walk For Shots"
Department Heads from the City of Hartford and other child health organizations will walk from City Hall to Bushnell Park promoting childhood immunization. [Wow, getting to see your favorite public health official in person! Can you feel the electricity?]

A National Infant Immunization Week celebation where "Participants will receive gift bags filled with immunization brochures [Immunization brochures as a gift? Only from the mind of public health could such a concept emerge], parent-held immunization record booklets, and baby gift items." [Trinkets and other free stuff seems to be an indispensible tool when taking advantage of the less well to do]

"Mother's Day Social" 
A "fun event" that "will feature an immunization presentation, Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System bingo [Oh my, that does sound like fun], public health education for parents and preschoolers, giveaway bags [there's that free stuff again] , a raffle basket and refreshments.

Wow, what a lot of work. And what a big bureaucracy to carry out all that work. Makes me think this whole Machine is about a lot more than vaccines. Makes me think its about giving these vested interests a place to feel good about themselves, realize their delusions of grandeur, collect a paycheck and, maybe most importantly, expand their power over others.What's it make you think?