Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ode to Vaccination

Vaccines are great,
About that there can be no debate

They’re really quite the miracle,
Observe the evidence, it’s empirical

Were we to grant the right to choose
It’s the herd immunity we’d lose.

Fail to vaccinate against an illness that’s contagious?
That kind of talk is just outrageous!

Absent vaccines, the chickenpox would rage
Disability and death would seize center stage.

So if you want your schoolin’
Get your vaxes, we ain’t foolin’

And when we call for freedom of choice
They tell us were too vocal with our voice

There’s got to be balance they say
To allow vaccines to save the day

Heck that needle won’t hurt all,
Here, just take a little Tylenol

And those parents who report 3 hours of cryin’
Surely they must be lyin’

Religious exemption, don’t even try
We’ll challenge your faith till you comply

So get used to it my friends
This is where your freedom Ends


  1. We wouldn't lose herd immunity? What if no one vaccinated? Honest question!

  2. If vaccines are so great why would everyone stop vaccinating? Besides, the greatest value we have is not herd immunity but freedom, so I'd gladly trade the former for the latter.

  3. We are loosing herd immunity due to vaccines. It has been proven in natural immunity.
    It is ONLY assumed in vaccinated immunity. It has never been tested or proven, it has only been stated as fact when it comes to vaccines. Now there are illnesses coming back due to vaccines and herd immunity being destroyed. So vaccine companies are working on new vaccines for that instead of realizing they were wrong.

  4. Eh hem. "Herd Immunity" does not exist unless every adult gets boosters every 2-10 years. Most of the country, for 60 years, has not been covered under the umbrella of vaccines, and look! We're not all dead! People need to realize vaccines only last a few years, and "herd immunity" is just a naive "talking point".

  5. It kills me that parents everywhere say, "Unvaccinated kids put my child at risk!". Well? Unless you've had booster shots lately, under YOUR logic, YOU put your child at risk.

  6. Good point Anon. All these doctors are kicking unvaccinated kids out of their practice because they don't want to "endanger" the other kids in the waiting room, but they're not asking if the parents of those kids, waiting along side of them, have all their boosters, or if they got their flu shots.