Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trust the Liars

You guys are gonna get a kick out of this. Vaccine pusher / drug company shill Amy Pisani the executive director of Every Child By Two @3:08 states "Vaccines save millions and millions of lives every day around the world." Millions means at least two million, so millions and millions means at least 4 million. So according to Amy, four million lives are saved each and every day due to the miracle of vaccination. This is of course impossible. In one year alone 1.46 billion lives would be saved because of vaccines. The population of the entire planet only amounts to about seven billion souls. In just five years time the entire planet would be saved by vaccines. Absurd! Ms. Pisani is yet another unfortunate example of an establishment functionary being either obliviously ignorant about the vaccination issue or incredibly dishonest. I don’t know which is worse. So for parents who have heard the song and dance about how we should only accept immunization information from websites approved by a conflicted vaccine establishment, remember it’s people such as Amy who are running and recommending these sites.