Thursday, November 14, 2013

Refuting the Ridiculous

With so many vaccine fan boys and fan girls in the mainstream media it is difficult to keep up with all the Internet polluting trash they are able to produce. This piece, by a Ms Julia Ioffe and appearing on the far left New Republic website, came to my attention this week and provided an insight into the muddled thinking that afflicts so many in the cult of vaccination. It was not until a number of fans on our Facebook page asked us to respond did I decide to take the time to publicly debunk this confused piece of hysteria, misinformation and self-pity.

Many of you have already suffered the tedium of reading the piece to which we're responding, but for those who have not, it is one woman's self-absorbed account of her case of pertussis and her ludicrous claim that either Jenny McCarty or unvaccinated people in general are to blame. The title says it all: I've got whooping cough. Thanks a lot Jenny McCarty. Here's our response:
Thank pertussis you entitled little cry-baby, because that's what's got you sick, not Jenny or any other unvaccinated person.

Everybody in the nation must get shot after shot of pertussis vaccine so you don't get a cough? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Pertussis exists where people do, so you might just have to leave society if it is too dangerous for you.

You’re sense of entitlement is off the charts as evidenced by the fact you don’t think YOU should not have to get the vaccine because everyone else should. That's right, even though the vaccine is available and recommended for adults she blames us, not her failure to vaccinate herself. Ever hear of individual responsibility Ms. Ioffe?

Apparently this writer is quite a sickly individual as evidenced by her claim to have what appears to be the worst adult case of whooping cough in the history of the adult cases of pertussis. For almost every other adult, the illness is quite mild. Apparently you have an inability to fight of illnesses – that’s not Jenny’s fault either.


(And what about that claim saying even a little vaccine makes cases milder. I guess that’s just a another medical establishment myth.)

If pertussis does this to you, I’d hate to see what shape the flu would leave you in. I guess that's another shot all 300 million American’s will have to get - after all we don't want you to blame us for your lack of personal responsibility.

Finally, after what seems to be an eternity, she mercifully departs from her account of each and every coughing spell she’s experienced over the past few months and moves on to parroting a few talking points crafted by the vaccine establishment.

She prattles on about vaccination not being an individual choice because it affects others. This is absurd. My not vaccinating affects no one. I did not get the flu shot this year and that has affected no one. Besides our choices affect other people all the time. I offered to pay more for my current home than another interested party. I got the house and he didn’t. He was affected by my decision. So what?

She then implies there is some type of obligation for everyone in America to lap up each and every vaccine Merck can produce in order to create the holy grail of the vaccine idolaters: herd immunity. Unfortunately she fails to provide any support for her implication. This is not surprising since no such obligation exists

She then goes on to reveal her scientific illiteracy by claiming vaccine exepmptors were behind a 2010 epidemic, quoting a study whose data in no way supports such an assertion. The bogus study to which she refers was manufactured by the vaccine establishment as a way to provide a naive media a way to support their false and ignorant claims. The “study” only finds some association between areas with more vaccine exemptions (and it is important to remember exemptions are calculated based on as few as one exemption and need not be an exemption to the pertussis vaccine) and cases of pertussis. It does not demonstrate this association was meaningful enough to have any impact on the outbreak. The real reasons for the increase in cases are well know: a bad vaccine and increased reporting

And even if her claim were true, those who did not vaccinate would not be “responsible” for her pertussis since there is no responsibility to medicate one’s self so someone else doesn't get sick. It is important to understand poor Ms. Ioffe’s illness is caused by pertussis, not any unvaccinated individual.

He rant continues as she goes on to thank the unvaccinated for her pertussis (I guess we’re responsible for her feeble immune response as well) but, as this post demonstrates, she needs to thank pertussis not anyone of us.

She completes her self-indulgent decent into lunacy by claiming being unvaccinated killed babies during the epidemic. Only someone either in a total state of delusion or one who is willfully ignorant of how causality works could make such an absurd claim

This poor little hothouse flower ends by saying how humiliating her bout with pertussis was, not realizing that broadcasting her ignorance across the internet does far more to humiliate her than any case of pertussis ever could.