Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Insanity: Paul Offit's New Book

I was excited to learn Dr. Paul Offit, America’s number one vaccine evangelist, will soon be releasing yet another book celebrating the miracle of vaccination.

What new absurdities will he invent to defend the elixirs of life upon which his very existence is based?

In his previous works, he has set the bar on the absurdity meter astronomically high. Vitamins are more dangerous than vaccine, children can safely get 100,000 vaccines at one time and today’s autistics are really just the geeks and nerds of the 50s – imagine Ralph Malph and Potsie Weber.

Several Offit sycophants have already weighed in with reviews. One, David Oshinsky, author of an excellent history on polio in America exhibits a bizarre detachment form reality in his gushing appraisal of the book.

“A medical crisis has come to America. Diseases of our grandparents’ generation are making a deadly comeback as more and more parents choose not to vaccinate their children.

Oshinsky imagines waves of parents depriving their children of life-saving vaccine while actual vaccination rates are at all time highs. He envisages benign illness such as the mumps and measles to be demonic killers. He suffers hallucinations of an America in crisis, streets filled with dead and or dying children.

Descending from fantasy into gibberish he asks.

…what can be done to reverse this unconscionable assault upon our nation’s public health?

Nations public health? Does he mean the health of people? People, who if they so desire can excercise, refrain from smoking, eat a healthy diet and access as much vaccine as they desire? No, more likely Oshinsky refers to the public health establishment - an entity whose mission is to intrude into our lives by means of forced vaccination, food policing and soda taxation.

So conditioned to believe in the supremacy of the state over the individual, Oshinsky sees the simple desire of Americans to be left alone as an assault upon the rightful role of our benevolent public health masters

So much fanatical vaccine nonsense in just a few paragraphs. I can’t wait for the entire volume to be released.

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  1. Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! I couldn't agree more! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that this is yet another form of government control, and like all forms of government control, is based on the idea that we have something to fear. Big Brother will protect us by telling us what to do--and that starts with convincing us that we have to give up our bodily integrity to be "safe" from "the threat", and, indeed, being mere human beings, shouldn't be foolish enough to actually think we have the right to be self determining.