Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Impenetrable Ignorance of the The L.A. Times

The L.A Times is at it again. One of the most virulently pro-vaccine / anti-freedom media outlets in America has yet again used it's position of prominence to attack our right to decide what drugs can and cannot be administered to our children.

In an editorial published yesterday, the Times called for the creation of more hurdles and obstacles to impeded the ability our to raise their children as we, and not the LA Times, see fit.

The rationale for this attack is silly and tiresome talking point that, "children who go un-vaccinated are putting others at risk."

Sadly, the blockheads comprising the L.A. Times editorial board still do not, or do not want to understand, that unless you have an illness you CANNOT put someone else at risk of catching the illness you do not have. Being unvaccinated is not synonymous with being sick. It's really quite a simple concept yet, due to the Times obsession with vaccination, one that cannot penetrate the boards collective consciousness.

Demonstrating their imperviousness to logic, they conclude their piece with a call for more intrusion into the lives of parents by parroting another entity sharing their rickety justification for compulsory vaccination: the ethically conflicted vaccine promoters at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania (a group receiving funding from both the Department of Health and Human services - the same department that runs the vaccine pushing CDC - and Paul Offit's Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) Here's how they put it:
States, including California, should be reexamining the personal belief exemption and tightening procedures. It should not be so easy for relatively few people to jeopardize the health of many others.
So while the establishment and their media dupes have the force of the state behind them, this editorial, and hundreds like it, demonstrate that it is we who have the intellectual basis to defend current exemptions and to someday overturn the very idea of a vaccination mandate from which those exemptions must be sought.

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  1. Indeed it should not be so easy for relatively few people in the CDC, the AAP and the drug companies to jeopardize the health of so many others by forcing vaccination into children, teens and adults.