Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dr Wendy's Washington

The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens 
unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments. 
George Washington

In the state named after a great champion of freedom, freedom has just suffered a chilling setback. Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children will now be forced to attend meetings with medical professionals designed to harass them into accepting unwanted vaccines. Reminiscent of Chairman Mao's reeducation camps, these meeting are finding great favor among the community of do-gooders comprising the public health and medical establishments.

One who is particularly enamoured with the new law is Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a.k.a. Seattle Moma Doc,
a pediatrician and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s school of Bioethics, home of vaccine cheerleader Art Kaplan. She's taken the time to write a blog post celebrating the type of nanny state progressivism that would have George Washington spinning in his grave

I stumbled upon it when I ventured into that viper’s nest of vaccine extremism, Vaccinate Your Baby!

Anyway Dr. Swanson begins:
Yesterday Governor Gregoire signed a new bill into law that will demand families talk with a health care worker about the risks when exempting from immunizations
How nice. In Dr. Swanson's police state utopia, the government can demand parents subject themselves to harassment from the propagandists of a public health apparatus dependant upon vaccination.

Swanson then, perhaps to create an imaginary crisis from which the state must save us, employs the common trick popular among the vaccine establishment of pretending that numbers appearing significant on a relative basis are meaningful in absolute terms. She warns:
In the last 10 years there has been a doubling in the number of students with exemptions for vaccinations in our schools. 
Yes, that may be true; exemptions may climb from 2,000 to 6,000 (the press release only gives percentages not actual numbers so 2,000 to 6,000 is a guess extrapolated from California exemption data) over a ten year period - in a population of millions - but rates overall may increase due to various factors including state funding, vaccine campaigns and public heath outreach.

But what if rising exemptions mean more parents are becoming aware of the scam behind vaccination and are deciding not to participate. For a Machine whose existence is predicated upon such a scam, dissent of this nature cannot be tolerated and must be extinguished at first sign.

To that end, Dr Swanson then descends into wild speculation to advance her rickety case in support of these browbeating sessions, stating:
The biggest reason [for exemptions] may be a convenience factor. 
And that's based on what exactly? She offers no evidence, even though, in today’s blogosphere, links to support statements are quite easy to incorporate into one’s work. Maybe she just made it up? Regardless, what she does do is use the weasel word may which can be used to say anything regardless of the facts.

Weasel words are important components of the Machine’s propaganda efforts and in this case Dr. Wendy Sue employs the weasel word may with great alacrity. But in reality, with no evidence, "convenience" may either be the biggest reason or "convenience" may not be the biggest reason.

Perhaps she feels the public will be more amenable to being led around by the nose if she can sketch the debate in terms of irresponsible parents to busy to take the time to get their life saving vaccines

Or maybe parents, rather than being lazy and stupid like the establishment imagines us to be, just realize despite the millions spend hyping vaccines those vaccines aren’t very important.

But wait here comes her defense of her position
The state suggests that 95% of exemptions are not for a medical reason, but one for convenience.
Ah yes, an unsubstantiated “suggestion” by the state. Wonderful. We’d be crazy not to believe anything the state “suggests” because they have our best interest at heart and because they have no vested interest in maintaining high levels of unwanted vaccination.

Her limited grasp of the vaccination issue (and fixation on the imagined convenience factor) then leads her to state:
Seems like you’d never opt out of immunizations for convenience putting your child or another child at risk.
But as readers of this blog are well aware, not vaccinating cannot put anyone at risk. Infectious agents predate vaccines; therefore one can only protect against, not create, risks because, again, those risks have always existed. As a parent you do have the responsibility to protect your child (not the children of others) so then the issue becomes protect from what: potentially risky medical interventions or mild illnesses that used to be part of growing up. I think I’ll let parents, not the police state, decide which is more worrisome.


  1. I agree! I also posted on the Seattle Mama Doc blog as well.

    I live in WA State and I have cherished my right to the vaccine exemption for my child. I am very irritated that I have to now get a "medical professional" to OK my decision about MY child. On top of the insult, I have to be subjected to vaccine propaganda in their attempt to sway me with bogus statistics and figures. Great.

    This has ZERO to do with laziness. In fact, I made an *informed* decision AND I DID discuss it with her pediatrician. I feel violated that I have to prove that to some unrelated person that, quite frankly, would care less if something happened to MY child, other than to point the finger and say "I told you so".

    Bravo to this blog, my thoughts exactly! I am mad as hell that my rights are slipping away...

    1. I agree with you 100%. Also what about children and adults with allergies and autoimmune diseases. We should not have to have a note, our word should be good enough. Now this stupid and very ridiculous covid vaccine! I feel this is a population control problem with our government

  2. Bully, I agree; the presentation will obviously be one-sided and conducted by those who are clueless about the vaccination issue. I've often posted about the ignorance & deceptiveness displayed by many of the most influential members of the vaccine establishment, e.g, Paul Offit, Nancy Snyderman and it's latest spokesperson, Seth Mnookin.

  3. I live in WA and am a little bit worried...I, too, have done my research and have not vaccinated my 2.5 yo son and signed the pediatrician's stupid waiver long before this law was in effect. However, I now also have a 5 mo old daughter whom I also haven't vaccinated. But they haven't made me sign the waiver for her yet...what does this mean for us? Any pointers on getting the doctor off my back? We haven't been able to locate a doc that we like who also accepts CUP insurance.

  4. I don't know what CUP insurance is, but I went through 5 different pediatricians to find one that would not harass me. She is a mother and has told me that she would never forgo vaccines, but refuses to push them on me. I can live with that. I don't know where you are, but I'd be happy to share with you where I go.

    Robert, I'll have to read more of your blog - we're on the same page!

  5. @Bully, glad to hear it let me know what you think.

    PS I'm sure you're aware of the over-vaccination of dogs as well considering your experience with "bullies"

    @Raychel, let me read the law but I think it's focused on school exemptions, so you do have sometime for the baby - unless you're considering pre-school and there is a requirement for that. Anyway, worst case scenario seems to be you go to a doctor, listen to the propaganda speech and get your waiver signed. I think - and this is just my opinion - what they hope is getting a parent in front of a doc will just intimidate them and make them feel guilty and they'll cave. Also I wouldn't give a lot of information for example if you say you don't want vaccines because of the thimerisol then they say I can't sign it because there's no more thimerisol - except in the some flu shots - you'd have a problem. Instead I'd say something like I'm concerned about the affects of vaccines on the developing immune system or there's really no measles around so I'm not worried or they didn't know about SV40 contamination or excessive amounts of mercury before they were discovered so what don't they know about now - something they can't challenge or pin you down on. And remember you don't have to convince the pediatrician you're right. Ultimately, it's your child and your choice.

  6. I couldn't agree more. I saw a news blip about this, and the doctor was saying it was 'easier to get the exemption than the shot'.....I was dumbfounded!! I can't believe he honestly thinks it is for sheer laziness. Ridiculous. Really hope they don't bring this to Texas.....but at least they didn't take exemption away all together!! I am afraid that is what they're working on nationwide. I mean there is money to be made and we aren't helping them make it!! lol

  7. I suspect the best approach is to just say it is against your religion. Since there is no religious belief I've come across that is in favor of injuring your own children for the vague possibility of aiding society in general this has the advantage of being true. Even atheists seem to favor taking care of their own baby. That way you avoid getting into the details of any of your thinking about vaccines, plus, what can a doctor say about your religious beliefs?

  8. Posted by Shawn Siegel:

    Fantasy tag team match: Paul Offit and Edward Bernays, vs. any mother with her protective instinct still intact and me.

    The best approach may simply be to tell the truth. Leave those vaccine advocacy sessions with the ostensible educator being the one educated.

  9. @ Robert, yes as far as dogs and vaccs - my dogs have been vaccine-free for over 4 years now and I am a "Natural-Rearing" breeder as I do not vaccinate puppies and feed a species appropriate diet.

    Also, on the human vaccs...my daughter's pediatrician asked me why I don't want to vaccinate her any longer and I told her that there are too many questions regarding their safety and that I am taking my own steps to safeguard her and keep her immune system in top form. I think I might need to just use the religious one in the future...less to explain and worry about argument over!

  10. @Bully and Minority

    I tend to agree except in states where you then have to justify the religious exemption. Here's one horrible example:


    Shawn, as long as the government isn't the referee. If it were, it would be smuggling in foreign objects to Offit to be used against the moms - just like they do in WWE wrestling.

  11. Why did you call Dr. Swanson "Dr. Wendy" in the title of your piece? If your argument can stand on it's own, there is no need to throw in a sexist dig that diminishes her professionalism.

    I happen to believe this new law will have no effect on those who are choosing not vaccinate based on their own research. They will not suddenly give up on their principles because they now need a signature. Therefore, it will in no way be "chilling" as you claim. In fact, WA will remain one of the easiest states in the nation to get an exemption.

  12. Help!! I live in Olympia, WA. I just found out about this bill Gregoire passed forcing parents who choose not to vaccinate children to have a Dr. exclude them, but only after they give us the third degree over their reasons why it is nessasary. I have a 5 yr old who needs to go to school here next week and I do not have a primary care doctor. What do I do. I don't want to be harassed about my decisions. This was never a problem with my older children....Any one know of a doctor in Olympia that I can get to sign off on the exemption?
    Thank you

  13. Here's a link to the actual law


  14. Thank you for this great post! I have three little girls, and stopped vaccinating when my middle child was 2 and I did research into the risks and lack of actual proof that vaccines work. I now have a 5 yo who just entered kindergarten in WA and hasn't been vaccinated. I was angry to discover my signed waiver wouldn't be enough this year!

    I didn't have money to pay for a doctor for this, and as a freelance writer and novelist I didn't have insurance. So I got them on state insurance and now cannot find a doctor who is taking new patients AND my insurance! I have until Oct 1 to find a Dr. to sign this waiver or she will be expelled from school.

    Of course they are offering free vaccines in a week to anyone who wants to come, no insurance or appointments needed, but they won't sign waivers!

    This enrages me! How they manipulate us into getting vaccines, making it so hard to NOT get vaccines and still keep our kids in school. At this point, I'm not even sure what to do!

  15. Hi Kimberly. Sorry you're going through all of this (That's kind of what they want though.) Anyway making life miserable for parents is one of the many problems with forcing vaccines on children.

    Worst case scenario, they won't expel your child, just hold her out till you get the paperwork. Perhaps and extension is available.

    This is a link to the law:


    At the end it lists naturopaths and other non-doctor health care workers who can sign your form. Perhaps you can use one of them. Stay strong, losing a few weeks of school isn't worth abandoning your beliefs if your confident they're correct.

    Again, as I read the law, you just have to listen to a speech telling you how great vaccines are. You don't have to justify or defend your position. Just listen and ask for your signature. If pressed and you fell you must respond, just say something general that can't be refuted like "any medical treatment comes with risks and with so few cases of infectious illnesses such as the mumps, I'm not willing to accept those risks and the pain of the shots"