Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr Seagull Lays an Egg

What is Dr Seagull talking about? The only way vaccines work is with herd immunity? Herd immunity is just a byproduct of people acting to protect themselves. So if I get a flu shot it doesn't work because the rest of the neighborhood didn't get one? The vaccine peddlers are becoming more and more detached from reality. Besides, if vaccines can only work with high levels of compliance through force then they can't work. The dream of America is freedom, not freedom from the measles. We cannot and will not sacrifice the former for the latter.

Furthermore, forced compliance just works at the margins. Those wanting protection can get vaccinated. If that's not enough they can stay home, away from germs. If that doesn't protect them to their satisfaction, too bad. No one has a right to force unwanted medical treatments on others regardless of the reasons.

And measles is a killer? I guess Goebbels was right: when lying lie big.

Anyway, herd immunity is public health's fantasy, not ours. And using the state to achieve it is entirely antithetical to the proper and just role of government: to protect rights, not to violate them to satisfy the goals of certain obsessive vested interests.

If there aren't enough willing vaccinees to achieve herd immunity, then you can't have your precious herd immunity. Get over it.


  1. Great job, Robert! Short and to the point.

    What is the point of vaccination, anyway, if it doesn't protect you from the unvaccinated, eh?

    Here's a column I once wrote about herd immunity: Is the theory of "herd immunity" flawed?

    All the best,

  2. Thanks Sandy. Don't usually post on the weekend but I had to opine after seeing the broadcast.

  3. Okay, so if you go to Africa, you get a bunch of recommended vaccines, which are supposed to protect you from the illnesses which are running around loose over there, right? How come vaccines will work for an individual in Africa, but they won't in the U.S.? We have weaker immune systems on our home turf?

  4. i wish they would have had enough time for a rebuttal statement from the author. vaccines are NOT the reason for the decline of diseases. of course fox "news" clipped the segment short so she couldn't answer that and the segment made it look like the doctor was right. ugh. (at least that's what i'm guessing it looked like to all the sheeple who eat this stuff up.)

  5. if measles is a killer, then why is my husband alive and well even though he had the measles (and mumps) as a child???

  6. Coming in rather late here, but I have a 15 month old, all-natural-water-birthed, unvaccinated son & I spend most of his nap time researching this. My point is (and perhaps you've made it elsewhere) that there is no such thing as herd immunity. When was the last time adults got booster shots? When they were kids? And vaccines only last for between 2-10 years? Then my gosh- shouldn't we ALL be dead by now?

  7. Welcome aboard Anonymous. Yes, especially with whooping cough. Adults pass it along and aren't interest in shots so they keep going after the kids.