Friday, January 7, 2011

Fluoridation: From Miracle to Debacle

Today the government finally concluded it could no longer pretend it's actions didn't cause damage to the teeth of millions of American children. It admitted to what I, and other critics of the practice of fluoridation, have been saying for years: fluoride harms children

MSNBC reports:
Too much fluoride in water, government says
High levels causing spots on teeth; recommended limit to be lowered 
...the splotchy tooth condition, fluorosis, is unexpectedly common in kids ages 12 through 15. And it appears to have grown much more common since the 1980s.
As one who criticizes the government for clinging to practices already in place in order to save face, I must commend The Department of Health and Human Services for admitting that the public health miracle of fluoridation has actually been harming America's children for decades

Their decison to change fluoridation policy - a tragic mistake from the beginning - is a scathing indictment of the public health activists who first implemented the misguided and foolish policy of adding a toxic chemical to our children's drinking water.

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