Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give It Away Give It Away Give It Away Now!

In 1991, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers recorded this song about what would have to be done with all the unwanted flu vaccine circulating throughout present-day America. The only question is how did they, almost 20 years ago, know what the Wall Street Journal is reporting just today.

According to the Journal:
Drugstores, supermarkets and some doctors' offices are slashing prices or offering other kinds of deals on flu vaccine this year amid weaker-than-expected demand.
Rite Aid Corp., for example, is offering coupon booklets for household and beauty items to customers who get the shots.
CVS Caremark Corp., which has already promoted its shots with in-store discounts, plans a wave of advertisements after the holiday season.
Walgreen Co., the nation's largest pharmacy by store count, had set a target of delivering 15 million flu shots this fall and winter. But through November, it had administered only 5.6 million shots.
And finally, Thomas Haugh, the practice administrator at Accent Urgent Care is quoted as saying:
We can't give them away

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